Wednesday, November 14, 2012

8 Weeks!

     Eight weeks from today, the cats and I will be on our way to Hawaii! In some ways that still sounds like a long time, but I know, with the holidays and finalizing everything before the move, it's going to fly by!

     All of our household goods were delivered yesterday. Mike was there to oversee everything and there were only a few minor casualties. Not bad considering the long trip our stuff had to make. I also got my first glimpse of the house via Skype. It's smaller than the place we had in Vegas, but I like the layout and you can't beat the view. We have a lanai (deck) in the back that overlooks the mountains, trees and, waaaay in the distance, the ocean. The fact that I'll soon be living that close to the ocean makes me so excited!! Sadly, I don't really have any photos yet. The camera on Mike's phone died about a month ago so all I have are some blurry screen shots I took during the Skype tour.

     Getting the virtual tour and seeing all our stuff again has made me anxious to get there and really make it OUR home. Mike is probably only going to be unpacking things as he needs them, so I should have plenty to do once I get there. Also, after seeing the amount of space we'll be working with, I'm more determined to simplify what we have! I really wanted to go through things before the move, but ran out of time.

     I hope everyone reading this is doing well, especially any of you on the East coast!!