Sunday, December 9, 2012

One month?!

     I leave for Oahu in ONE month.

     First thought? "Yay!!!" Second thought? "Holy crap, I have a lot to do!"

     I'm not even in Vegas right now. I'm in snowy, cold, beautiful Montana; visiting family and taking care of a few things. It's so nice and quiet here. I took care of what I needed to yesterday and have been sitting under a warm blanket, reading, ever since. I fly back tomorrow evening and really need to get myself organized with all the little things I have to do before I leave. This mainly consists of finalizing things for the cats, finalizing some financial things, and figuring out how much stuff I'll be able to fit in my suitcases. Exciting stuff, as usual.

     I am so excited to see Mike! At this point, it's so close, that I'm almost nervous. We (at least I) have become so accustomed to Skype, texting and phone calls that I get butterflies when I think about seeing him again in person. Good butterflies...first date butterflies.

     ONE MONTH! 

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