Thursday, December 27, 2012

Plan B

"If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans." - Woody Allen

     Last week, I got a taste of what it'll be like to be an "Air Force wife". Two and a half weeks before I was due to fly to Hawaii, Mike received a temporary duty assignment in California...

     For FOUR months.

     Beginning the day I arrive in Hawaii.

     I'll admit it. I freaked out a little. I would have freaked out a lot, but I was at work and had nowhere to hide and sob. It's been three months since I've seen him and I've been counting the days (hours, minutes...) until we are reunited. Suddenly, all our well-laid plans were useless. He wouldn't be at the airport to meet me. I would have to navigate a new city that I hadn't even visited. It would possibly be another four months without seeing him because flights to/from Hawaii aren't cheap!

     The obvious answer was, don't go to Hawaii yet; go to California. Stay with him for the four months and then return to Hawaii together. So that's our new "plan". I didn't actually think this would be an option, considering I have our two cats here in Vegas. However, my parents are amazing. AMAZING!! Not only have they let the cats and me live here for three months, but they have offered to let my fur-babies stay another four months so that Mike and I can be together.

     We're now in the process of canceling and booking flights, looking at places to stay in California, finding someone to house-sit our place in Hawaii, and getting the cats set to be as little a burden on my parents as possible. I'm also in my final weeks at my job; seven days left!!

     I'm learning to assume all plans are tentative...and to always buy travel insurance. Mike and I have overcome a lot of stuff to be together and this is just another detour on our journey. I'm trying to just take it one day at a time now.

     Still, I can't wait to see fourteen days, two hours, fifty minutes...

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