Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So close!

     Plan B is going well. Mike is on a plane to Monterey right now and I fly out tomorrow morning. I'm so excited, nervous, stressed that I'm an emotional basket case. Well...more so than usual.

     I cannot wait to see him; the butterflies are in full force now! I'll probably be waiting at the airport for a little while, due to my arrival time/his work schedule, and I think that's going to be the worst. It's like Christmas, my birthday and Disneyland all rolled into one! Oh, the anticipation!!

     This past Friday was my last day at the job I've had for 9 years. Leading up to that day, I was SO excited to be leaving. Then I got all sentimental on my last day (see above, emotional basket case). I think it was mostly due to the awesome little going away party they threw me. Mind you, my department is almost all men and I've had some sort of conflict with almost every one of them in the 9 years I worked there. I figured many of them were happy to see me leave. The fact that they took the time to plan this little party, full of my favorite things, was so very touching. I'll hopefully be seeing my few female friends from work when I come back to Vegas for the kitties.

     I sold my awesome little Honda yesterday. It was the last BIG thing on my to-do list (until the cat stuff in April). Now, I just need to pack, because...umm...I haven't yet. At all.

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