Wednesday, October 3, 2012

3000 Miles Apart

    Everything is in motion as far as our move goes. Almost all our worldly goods are packed up and probably in some storage container and waiting to be loaded onto a ship in California. The cats passed their rabies test and we have an official entry date, December 28. Due to plane ticket prices and the holidays, we will probably be leaving the week after; I'm thinking the 9th or 10th of January. I'm still watching ticket prices and, if they drop, it might be a little sooner. There's a few little details that will determine the exact date. This also means my last day of work will be sometime between Dec. 30 & Jan. 4. Yay for starting out 2013 unemployed!!

     Mike left a week ago for Hawaii. He's already found a reliable used car in Oahu and is settling in his temporary lodging. The cats and I are now camped out at my parents' house in the bedroom my nieces usually stay in. This means I'm sleeping in a twin size bed (monkey sheets included!), Evie has claimed the dollhouse as hers and Chubby is totally freaked out by his new home.

     I miss Mike like crazy. Having someone who has been a huge part of your life move 3000 miles away sucks!! Thank goodness for all the technology we have now. We text and send random pics of what we're doing all day. We talk on the phone or Skype every night before bed. I'm bummed that the 3 months we're apart are all the ones when you most want to be with the ones you love. I'm really sad for him that he's in Hawaii all alone during this time too. He keeps reminding me he's been doing this for a long time and is more used to the distance and missing people you love, but it still breaks my heart. I'm very blessed to have this time with my family and for the fact that they're generously letting the cats and me stay here.

     Three months to go!