Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Disney Proposal

Today, Mike and I met up with some friends at Aulani Disney Resort. We've been there a few times and even stayed one night back in October. This time, we went for the character breakfast buffet...Or so I thought. 

Before breakfast, we met up with a few characters. 

After stuffing ourselves at the buffet, the four of us were just sitting at the table chatting. An employee walked to our table and set a cake in front of me. I was confused for a second until I looked down at the cake. 

I looked over at Mike, but he was already making his way to my side. He knelt down and I started crying and giggling at the same time. 

His words:
"You saw me cut the stone for this ring, so you know it's not perfect...just like me. But I hope you'll accept it, because it was made for you...just like me. And, if you say yes, I promise that I won't ever give up on us. Will you marry me?"

(I totally had to ask him what he'd said so I could write this. That moment was a blur to me.)

After I put the ring on, I heard cheering. I looked up and realized we had quite an audience of restaurant guests and employees. Minnie came over and handed us bride and groom ears. Someone else set sparkling cider on the table. I was still doing my giggle/cry and smiling like crazy. 

So cute!

When Mike had asked what kind of ring I wanted, I said "something different...and pink". He cut the stone himself and I'm amazed by his skill. He did so well! Pink tourmaline is my birthstone and the cushion cut is my favorite. I love it! 

After we had some cake, we went to take photos with Mickey one more time. 

I love how much thought & planning Mike put into his proposal. 
I love that he knows me so well and knows what I'll love. 
Most of all, I love my guy and can't wait to be his wife.