Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hello, goodbye

     I meant to post the day I arrived in Monterey, and then yesterday, but staring at a screen instead of my honey just didn't sound as fun. ;)

     Obviously, we both made it to California safely. Mike flew in from Oahu Wednesday night. Some bad weather made his journey a lot longer than expected since the plane couldn't land in Monterey the first time. I flew out Thursday afternoon and had a pretty uneventful flight. Although, flying into Monterey, we were totally surrounded by fog & I was just praying the pilots could see where they were going. I had expected to have to wait for Mike at the airport for awhile, but as I was standing in baggage claim I felt a tap on my shoulder. He was standing there (in uniform, swoon) and I jumped into his arms. There may have been some squealing too...

     It was rough saying goodbye to my family. My mom is such a wonderful, generous person and my dad and I are such good friends. I'm so very lucky to have two awesome people looking after Chubbs & Evie, who I'm also missing. It was hard to say goodbye to my sister, brother-in-law and nieces too. Those little girls are growing so fast, it makes me sad to think of everything I'll miss by living so far away. Right now, I feel like my heart is split between two places. I suppose I'll be feeling that way for awhile.

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